Job Board Integrations

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UK Job Boards

Vacancy poster is integrated with all major UK and a large number of industry specialist and geographical based job boards. We work with job board providers to ensure we maximise user experiences and that jobs are posted in a timely and accurate manner.

Non UK Job Boards

Already integrated with a number of non UK job boards in South Africa and USA, Vacancy Poster is keen to work with established job board providers to meet client needs. If you would like to integrate your job board with us please contact us to find out more?

Self Integrations

Vacancy Poster has developed a pre-built framework enabling simple self-integration for job boards that are prepared to do some of the work. Several job boards have used this method and completed this integration in a short timeframe.

Global Reach

Vacancy Poster is used to distribute vacancies in many countries and integrated with a number of overseas job boards.

Job Board Groups

The Vacancy Poster software allows multiple methods of integration providing total flexibility for the job board.

Custom Fields

Vacancy Poster ensures user input replication is avoided by creating custom fields only when absolutely necessary.


Vacancy Poster engages with job boards providing performance related feedback thus ensuring mutual client satisfaction.