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Integration Options

Vacancy Poster offers ATS providers various methods of integrating. We offer choices of opening the software via a URL redirect or bringing the software back in to the ATS viewed via an iFrame. We also offer a Straight Through Post option where the client journey is direct from the ATS to the job board.

Flexible Solutions

Having chosen the best method of integrating the ATS with Vacancy Poster we work closely with you to ensure a first class user journey experience. Our flexible approach to these integrations means you do not compromise ATS software functionality to incorporate the multi-posting solution.

Job Boards

Vacancy Poster enables all available job boards thus ensuring your clients are able to post vacancies to their desired locations. Regular newsletters keeps users informed of any new job board additions and of special job posting credit savings that may be of interest.

Web Based

ATS talks directly to Vacancy Poster over secure internet connection encrypting login credentials as part of the connection process.

One Screen Job Posting

ATS pre-populates Vacancy Poster with data ensuring speedy and accurate job distribution to multiple job boards.

HTML or Plain Text

Vacancy Poster receives vacancies in either HTML or Plain Text and distributes these to the chosen job boards maintaining the format.


Vacancy Poster complements the ATS job posting process in allowing the software to be queried for data inc. jobs posted, boards posted to etc.